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“La Salsa” by Ryan Castro


Ryan Castro, the leader of the new generation of Reggaeton, releases the first track from his debut album, “EL CANTANTE DEL GHETTO”. The song is a tribute to salsa legend Hector Lavoe and is just the beginning of what Castro has in mind.

Ryan Castro’s upbringing in his humble neighborhood of Pedregal, in Medellín, Colombia is what inspired his studio debut album, and it is destined to strengthen the purpose that he has held strong throughout his career to embrace the streets, but overcome his obstacles. The project will showcase his musical essence of dancehall, rap and reggaeton, which have shaped Ryan into the global artist he is today. In addition, it includes a salsa song that is available on all platforms.

Over the past few months, Ryan Castro has been sharing key details about his album, giving his fans clues about what they can expect from this album. Last night, the artist officially unveiled the cover, in which he represents the culture of his neighborhood and the rise of his career, from singing on buses to global success.

Ryan Castro comes from singing as a surprise guest at Coachella with Ludmilla, which marks a new milestone in his career and reinforces his status in the United States. Now, he is preparing to perform at the Latin American Music Awards in Las Vegas, ahead of the release of his highly anticipated album “El Cantante Del Ghetto.”


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