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Four new movies about The Beatles for 2027


Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (‘1917’, ‘Spectre’) has been given the green light to begin work on four separate films that will tell the individual stories of the four Beatles and will be released in 2027 under Sony Pictures.

This is the first time that the Beatles’ company, Apple Corps Ltd, has granted full film-making access to all four members of the group.

The Beatles have been the subject of hundreds of books and documentaries, including Peter Jackson’s acclaimed 2021 four-part series, ‘Get Back’, which incorporated previously unreleased audio and video.


Sir Samuel Alexander Mendes (59) is one of the world’s most important British directors, producers and screenwriters. In 2000, Sam Mendes was knighted in the 2020 New Year’s Honors list.

Born in Berkshire to a Trinitarian Catholic father and English Jewish mother, Sam Mendes grew up in north London and studied at Cambridge University.


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