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Voting Begins To Choose The 100 Best DJs In The World


Dj Mag’s Top 100 DJs 2023 voting is now open

Voting is now open to choose DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJS. You can cast your vote before the poll closes on September 13 at this link:

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the Top 100 DJs.
The list has grown to 1.3 million votes annually. It is the world’s largest publicly voted music poll.

With no nominations or criteria, Top 100 DJs is a completely open-ended survey. Voters are simply asked to pick their top five DJs. They can include a DJ with five followers or a DJ with five million.

The results of the sw poll will be released in November, along with a feature length documentary chronicling 30 years of Top 100 DJs. A broadcast of the event is in process.

Last year Martin Garrix was crowned the number one DJ in the world for the fourth time.

During the voting process, voters for the Top 100 DJs will be invited to donate to UNICEF’s Children’s Emergency Fund. Donations can be made directly at unicef.org.uk


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