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Ed Sheeran’s ‘- (Subtract)’: All 14 Tracks Ranked (Billboard)


“Writing songs is my therapy,” Ed Sheeran told his fans upon announcing his new album, –. “It helps me make sense of my feelings.” In early 2022, Sheeran required that outlet: although his latest album, =, had produced a new batch of smashes in “Bad Habits” and “Shivers,” he had been taken to court due to a copyright lawsuit over “Shape of You,” his best friend Jamal Edwards had passed away suddenly at the age of 31, and his pregnant wife was diagnosed with a tumor that couldn’t be treated until after the birth.

14 “Spark”

13 “Borderline”

12 “Colourblind”

11 “Vega”

10 “Life Goes On”

9 “Boat”

8 “Curtains”

7 “No Strings”

6 “Dusty”

5 “Salt Water”

4 “Eyes Closed”

3 “The Hills of Aberfeldy”

2 “End of Youth”

1 “Sycamore”


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