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Willy Garcia makes a salsa in an invariably hilarious way. Fun. He has always done it. It is that it is Salsa, music to dance and enjoy. In any case, in his music we find complex discoveries of yesteryear in the remembrance of his experiences from decades ago. Fun Salsa, but at the moment of truth thought, serious, multiple. In his new album entitled “Cambios”, Willy invites the dance floor openly, but of the nine tracks there are two songs that navigate other sound experiences: Bolero (“Tw Estoy Perdiendo”) and Currulao (“Lola”), both created in a contemporary way, despite being very old genres.

Willy displays emotions and thoughts of him in the verses of the songs. The nine songs on “Cambios” were written by himself and the entire album was co-produced by Willy and his friend Oscar Iván Lozano, better known as Oilo. The bolero “Te Estoy Perdiendo” was the responsibility of maestro Jused Gallo, who also plays the requinto.

In addition to Lozano and Gallo, other illustrious Puerto Rican arrangers worked on the album. They are Isidro Infante, Ramon Sánchez, ‘Chucho’ Ramírez and Efraín Dávila. Cuban singer and pianist Tirso Duarte is one of the delightful surprises on the record. He does a featuring in “Sin Salsa No Hay Vida”.

However, the most sentimental and emotional part of the album comes from his own blood: his daughter, Lala, who does the choirs in two songs.

Lala debuted as a singer at the age of 9 accompanying her father in an epic version of Willy’s classic “Te Amo”.

“Cambios” will be released in its entirety on all audio and video On-Demand platforms. On YouTube the nine songs will be released under the “Visualizers” trend, so Willy once again breaks the concepts of promotion in the world of salsa.

The artists who call his video clips “visualizers” argue that this is the visual representation of his audio pieces. It’s the latest trend in the industry and few salseros are doing it like Willy. The creative Ron Bass together with the company Insite Buro Creativo are responsible for this new universe of change in Willy’s image. This includes a new logo, strategies and management of social networks and streaming platforms.

The photo on the album cover is by Evans Daza, a renowned photographer from Cali who participated in the poster for the latest James Bond movie.


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