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Two Countries, One Song


Jessi Uribe and Alejandro Fernández, the most important voices in the regional mexican y “musica popular” from Colombia, present “Tu Maniquí”, a ranchera song that reflects heartbreak at its best and that perfectly fuses the two leading artists of the genre in both countries, Mexico and Colombia.

Finding Alejandro Fernández and Jessi Uribe on the same song is betting on an infinity of emotional interpretations that can navigate between different genres and sounds, and that is precisely what they do with their most recent release “Tu Maniquí”.

El Potrillo is the most important voice of ranchera music in the world, for his part, Jessi is the number one artist of his genre in Colombia, in this way “Tu Maniquí” is a song made to transcend different generations and that will be immortalized over the years, bringing together the regional elite in the same interpretation and promoting the cultural union of Mexico and Colombia as brother countries.

“Tu Maniquí” is a composition by Eladio Florez, the song was recorded at Studio 21 in Guadalajara, produced by Eladio Florez and Rafael Mejía from Colombia.

The artists met in the middle of a show in Venezuela, where this collaboration arose, which, without a doubt, is also a dream come true for Jessi Uribe, who for years has admired the career of Alejandro and the Fernández dynasty, and who has influenced a large part of his development as an artist.

“This is probably one of the happiest moments of my career!  Recording and singing with Alejandro Fernández, besides being an honor, is a dream come true.  Those who know me know that I started my career as a mariachi, singing their songs and those of Vicente Fernández.  Thank God and music for allowing me to experience this” says Jessi Uribe.

The official video tells the story of a love triangle in which the only true protagonist is heartbreak. The filming was carried out in the city of Bogotá, Colombia by the production company DISUART under the direction of Edwin Jaimes.

 The expectation about this collaboration was generated in the middle of Alejandro Fernández’s tour that had its way through Bogotá, where Jessi Uribe was the special guest and together with “Potrillo” they offered a high-level show that became part of the selective list of successful concerts in the Colombian capital.


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