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New Dance Music/Premiere: Otik ‘Inertia’


Otik debuts on Aus Music with four melodic peak-time slammers that reach for the heartstrings and pull as hard as they can.

Otik debuts on Aus Music in May with the ‘Xoul Trap’ EP.


The London-based producer follows releases on Martyn’s 3024, !K7 and his own recently launched Solar Body imprint with four tracks that expand his emotive, bass-charged palette. Continuing his pursuits in injecting vibrancy and light to the often shadowy depths of UK club music, the prolific producer stitches shimmering synths and gossamer vocal snippets through thunderous techno beats, with garage hi-hat snaps and flourishes of UK funky added in for good measure. This is peak-time rave material that reaches for the heartstrings and pulls as hard as it can.

‘Xoul Trap’ lands on 26th May


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