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From Tampa, The New Salsa Star: Juan k Martin


Juan K Martin, El Sonero Romántico Starts Race to the Latin Grammy

Juan Carlos Martinez artistically known as Juan K Martin, of Italian blood with Colombian and Ecuadorian relatives, was raised in New York City and has been involved in the art world for a long time.

There are more than 30 years of experience where he has earned the respect, admiration and appreciation of the medium. In the beginning he was the lead singer of Grupo Mi Son, a group that had a boom in the 80’s and early 90’s. He had the opportunity to open and collaborate with and for great figures such as Henry Fiol, El Conjunto Clasico, Rey Reyes and some other groups that were part of the music scene of those decades.

He now returns and from now on the fans perceive him as one of the most important references of the new Salsa Generation. Three of his new songs have just been entered on the way to the Latin Grammy this year: “Insaciable Amante”, “Tu Convencela” and “Mucho Guaguanco”. The three tracks are part of his new album “Es Mi Tiempo”.

The three songs are new, fresh proposals with which he seeks to make the public fall in love, basically with a call to love and romanticism.

“Mucho Guaguanco” is a true gem of today’s salsa. It is a majestically interpreted version featuring Frankie Vasquez, sonero del Barrio. In the world of salsa, many agree that it will be a global success in 2023.

The album was produced entirely by Carlos Alberto Zapata and himself. Recorded in its entirety at Indi Records, Cali, Colombia. The mix was made by Gustavo Cardona. Great musicians were part of the project, this includes Betty Karr and Yajaira Molina.

“Es Mi Tiempo” is available from the end of March 2023.

Juan K Martinez plans a media tour and promotion of “Es Mi Tiempo” in Colombia this year and the city of Cali, the World Capital of Salsa, will be the venue and platform for the launch.


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