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Today National Medals of Arts


President Biden will present the honors during a ceremony today at the White House.

Winners: Bruce Springsteen, Gladys Knight y Jose Feliciano.

It is the most important prize in the country awarded to artists and companies.


“National Medal of Arts recipients have helped define and enrich our nation’s cultural legacy through their passionate lifelong commitment. We are a better nation thanks to your contributions. Their work helps us see the world in different ways. It inspires us to reach our full potential and recognize our common humanity. I join the president in congratulating and thanking them,” Maria Rosario Jackson of the NEA (National Endowment for The Arts) said in a statement, the federal agency that is the largest funder of arts and arts education in communities across the country and a catalyst for public and private support for the arts.

The NEA fosters and sustains an environment in which the arts benefit everyone in the United States.

Bruce Springsteen is celebrated as “one of the greatest performers and storytellers” whose music “celebrates our triumphs, heals our wounds and gives us hope, capturing the unwavering spirit of what it means to be an American.”

Gladys Knight, or the “Empress of Soul,” is recognized as an “exceptional talent” who “influenced genres of music, from rhythm and blues to gospel and pop, and inspired generations of artists, captivated by her music.” of a golden age of American music”.

Jose Feliciano will be honored for opening hearts, building bridges and “overcoming obstacles, without ever losing faith, and enriching the goodness and greatness of the Nation.”

Other National Medals of Arts winners this time include actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (‘Elaine’ on ‘Seinfeld), designer Vera Wang and Billie Holiday Theatre.


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