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With the emblematic song, ‘Hagmos Lo Que Diga El Corazon’ (‘Let’s Do What The Heart Says’) Grupo Niche makes the pre-launch of the long-awaited musical work “Niche Sinfónico” together with the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia
Grupo Niche, a salsa benchmark and ambassador of Colombia to the world, will surprise the entire audience with the musical project that means a before and after in their career, transcending time and the musical richness of the works of the unforgettable maestro Jairo Varela.

‘Hagamos Lo Que Diga El Corazon’, the great 1991 hit by the Colombian salsa group, which was part of the album ‘Llegando al 100 %’, is now being released in a symphonic version in which 101 musicians of the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia plus the Niche Group, deployed all the talent to turn salsa hits into new artistic creations to delight the ears of all generations.

“HAGAMOS LO QUE DIGA EL.CORAZON” (Voice: Charlie Cardona)


This preview is part of the announced symphonic production, which will include 10 iconic themes from the legacy of its creator. ‘Hagamos Lo Que Diga El Corazon’ is one of the most acclaimed songs sung by all kinds of audiences that can now be enjoyed in its symphonic version with the longest-running orchestra of this genre in Colombia.

“You can feel, from the first bars, the majesty of a perfect fusion between the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia and the Niche Group, with its section of French horns, a wonderful string section and the sound of the symphonic bass drum, imitating the beating of the heart”, says José Aguirre, current Musical Director of Grupo Niche.

One of the big surprises will be the richness in musical production and mastering, in this release, led in executive production by Yanila Varela, and in which renowned talents from the country and international stature participate. No effort was spared for this new achievement.

In total, there are 101 musicians vibrating with their instruments and their voices, to give life to this prism of colors, textures and feelings that converge around what is a great work.

The new version of “Hagamos Lo Que Diga El Corazon” will be available to the public on the different digital music platforms from this Friday, March 10, 2023.


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