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New Song by Salsa Star Christian Fernandez


Christian Fernandez is one of the most powerful voices of Colombian Salsa. He was a member of the orchestras La Cali Charanga, Bemtú, La Gran Banda Caleña, Swing Time and the Gale group where he was for almost eight years and with which he achieved super hits such as “Regresa Pronto” and “El Amor de mi Vida”.

Since 2011 Fernandez has been consolidating his career as a soloist. He has recorded two albums, the first of them “Caminando”, produced the hits “Depende de Ti”, “Insensible” and “Te lo Pido por Favor”.

Then in 2016 the first single from his second album would arrive, “Se Nos Fue”, and later it was complemented with other masterful songs: “Tu” (composed by Estefano and produced by Orlando Libreros), “Todo Acabo” y “El Cantar ”.

In addition to being one of the favorite voices of Colombian Salsa, Fernandez is one of the most sought-after composers on the scene. He wrote “Este Amor Que Me Mata” for superstar Maelo Ruiz and has worked for other figures, a luxury list that includes Tony Vega, Pedro Arroyo, Luisito Carrion, David Pabon, and Alex D’ Castro.

In January of this year he premiered his new song, “Una Loca” an explosive featuring Willy Garcia, which is the promise of his third album.

The song was recorded in Cali under the production of one of the great masters of Colombian salsa of all time, the genius, pianist and arranger Oscar Ivan Lozano.

The track was recently included in the “Primeras Sonadas” section of the Billboard Latin Showcase staff and critics and fans alike predict an extraordinary success this year.


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