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The former member of the Grupo Niche, Willy Garcia continues with his foundation in Colombia to help children



Colombian singer-songwriter Willy Garcia (ex Grupo Niche, Son de Cali) is an educator at heart.  If you ever work with him in the studio, Willy will enthusiastically guide you through the details of recording, arranging, and technology.

“Mentiroso”, one of the 40 most popular tropical songs of the year 2022 in the United States according to billboard

Willy Garcia, was born in the port of Buenaventura, Colombia and has long been a mentor to emerging talent inside and outside the studio.

Now he is the creator of the Yo Tengo Fe Foundation, a project that he started 8 years ago, in his mother’s house in Barrio Lleras, Buenaventura, where he grew up and began to work for what he is today, a salsa superstar.

The foundation is actually a school for young people in a state of vulnerability in the city that trains them in musical execution and interpretation, production, composition and sound engineering.

Last December, the foundation presented the first fruits of its 2022 class: 50 children singing and playing instruments such as the marimba and the flute, under the direction and arrangements of the teachers Luider Charria, Luis Felipe Lemos and Ubaldino Cuero, recorded five songs Christmas, some traditional and other new compositions co-written by the same boys.

According to Luisa Fernanda Garcia, executive director of the foundation and Willy’s eldest daughter, there are 220 beneficiaries in the classrooms.  “It is a dream and project framed in art and passion for music with an inalienable ingredient: social responsibility. This is part of the retribution that my father wants to do to society for all the good things that have happened to him through of his artistic career”.

Regarding the psychosocial processes that the project carries out with the boys, Luisa says that they have designed “A methodology whose purpose is to strengthen soft skills such as conflict management, communication and tolerance of change that are key to impacting the community through music. These methodologies are taught to children and young people and their families through workshops and spaces that seek to contribute to the reconstruction of the social fabric.”


 CLASS 2022


1. NAVIDAD EN MI TIERRA (Bunde Juga) Autor: Ubaldino Cuero

2. NAVIDAD (Rumba)


4. ANA NANITA NANA  (Adaptación del villancico tradicional)

5. NOCHE DE PAZ (Juga) Adaptación del villancio tradicional


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