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Dominique Maharaj, the Mexican American singer-songwriter and performer continues to elevate her electronic music to new heights with her latest release “Fly High”. The song was originally created for a collaboration with Space Blue for a unique project which will place her music on the Artemis mission launch to the moon in 2024.

Produced by the recognized Colombian producer ” Juanito Cardona”, Juan Esteban Cardona has worked with some of the top artists in the Latin market (Ozuna, Manuel Turizo, Jessie Uribe). Her new single ” Fly High” combines unique electronic sounds that vary from anglo pop to mixes with EDM / Tribal and house, led by the powerful voice of Dominique and for the first time Juanito Cardona participates as a singer in a collaboration.

Dominique’s unique voice was influenced in her early career by country music and her electronic mixes include a rich variety of anglo and Latin sounds. The release of Fly High comes just after her red carpet appearance at the 2022 Latin Grammys. Is important to mention the single “Fly high” exclusive new video was created by the team at the Landian Metaverse. It sets a new precedent in being the first major release of a music video designed entirely by artificial intelligence. Fly High is the third release of the 8 song project between Dominique and Juanito Cardona.

Billboard LMS ranked it in the top 20 best latin music productions for the first semester of 2022 alongside top industry names such as Ryan Castro and Blessed. This last single also ranked Dominique at the top 10 new artists from Colombia by Billboard LMS 2022.



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