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Danny Sanchez presents his new album “Desde mi Hogar”


The Colombian singer, producer and composer graduated from Berklee College of Music is ready to conquer the world with his third album.

by Jennifer Galviz

“Desde mi Hogar” is the third album by Colombian singer-songwriter Danny Sanchez, a collection of 13 stories
full of love, feelings, conversations and intimacy.

“Cuando Apenas Comenzabamos”

The album was made with the collaboration of several musician friends of his such as Chris Torres (Spain), Juan de Sedas (Canada), Andrés García, Julián López, Diego Miranda, Andrés El Chapa, Óscar Mora Cristian Medrano and Diego Rodriguez (Colombia).

Danny studied musical production and composition with a diploma at Berklee College of Music.

His work has been nominated for the Arpa Awards in Mexico, the Redención Awards in the USA and he has won two Monster Music Awards in CDMX (2011 and 2017).

Since 2013 when he participated in The Voice, Colombia, Danny has been singing on multiple stages in Cali, Bogotá, Mexico City, New York. He currently lives in Coral Springs, Florida, USA.


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