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Toby Holguin: The Divine Order of Things


By Carlos Passage

After achieving more than 40 hits on the Billboard charts, having one of the most acclaimed Colombian short films in the history of national cinema with “Gidi Gidi Gi,” creating Jazz, Rock, Urban, World Music, Pop, and being a resident DJ in Ibiza, Toby Holguin is transforming into a chameleon and embracing a new personal path where the spiritual surpasses the material.

Holguin is now committed to staying in absolute communion to transform the people in his community, city, country, and the world. His dream has changed, and his fans are seeing him in a new light, championing new social causes. “For me, selling out Wembley is no longer a priority,” he says. “For me, a task like bringing the message of the Bible to those deprived of their freedom is more fulfilling. It’s about opening the Bible, communing, sharing a meal.”

The reintegration of prisoners, offering second chances, is part of Toby Holguin’s life project that he offers to the world, all under the umbrella of art, music, audiovisual models, reflection, silence, observation, and respect for everyone’s beliefs and faith.

As a successful artist in the music industry, Holguin also expresses his reservations about the industry. “If the music industry worked for social and public transformation, we would have a different world,” he asserts. “We know that artists have a great social sensitivity, but their managers and record labels only care about numbers, million-dollar sales, and little compassion for others. Many stars are eager to show off their cars, jewelry, and clothes to their fans on social media, but few want to show mercy.”

Toby is a devout follower of the Pentateuch, the basis and regulation of Jewish life, and has been so since its inception, as it explains the concrete relationships of God with the world and man.

In this sense, every person can find in the five books of the Pentateuch a clear and simple explanation of the reasons for their existence and their destiny. They are words of hope, and as he says, “There is nothing different from the living God.”

TOBY continues to produce music because it is his innate, unwavering passion. However, now he produces it from a solid spirit in favor of those who suffer the most and who most need to reconnect with themselves and with divinity.


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