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Italian G Sette and Spanish Sandritta bring the scent of European summer with “Solo.”


The song tells the story of two souls who meet under the stars, united by the desire to live intense experiences without ties.



“Solo” represents the beginning of a new chapter. It is the scent of the summer that has just arrived, the music that becomes the central element of the warmest evenings.

“I chose to be accompanied on this beautiful journey by Spanish singer Sandritta, who thanks to her talent made the song magical. The song perfectly embodies the passionate and free desire that characterizes summer love affairs. We have chosen to tell the story of two souls who meet under the stars, united by the desire to live intense and untethered experiences.


The words express a burning passion and the will to remain independent, reflecting the desire to seize every moment without compromising one’s freedom. The song is a perfect mix of Latin pop and dance house nuances. The powerful kick, typical of the dance house genre, is mixed with Latin rhythms, creating an infectious sound that is impossible not to dance to. We relied on Axel Cooper’s production, which adds depth and sophistication to the song. Sandritta, with her sensual and lively tone, adds another layer of emotion to the track. Together, an irresistible chemistry was created and I am delighted with the “The result is achieved.

“Solo” is meant to be listened to at high volume, on a beach at sunset or on a crowded dance floor. The charming melody and the pulsating rhythm invite you to let yourself go, to live the summer with intensity and lightness. I would like it to be the soundtrack of the most memorable evenings, of those nights that are remembered for a lifetime. I am satisfied with this song because it has already reached thousands of views and it is not only thanks to its musical quality, but also to a well-orchestrated launch strategy. The video clip was shot in a luxurious villa, which enhances the charm of the song, using captivating shots and a purely Latin style. Between a spectacular pool overlooking Marbella and hot movements, together with Sandritta, we want to embody the desire for freedom and the passion of summer.”


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