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Scooter Braun steps down as artist manager: ‘This chapter has come to an end’


Scooter Braun has announced his retirement as an artist manager, officially ending a 23-year stint during which he guided the careers of some of the biggest pop stars of the 21st century, including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and J Balvin.

“I have been blessed with a ‘Forrest Gump’-style life while witnessing and participating in the journeys of some of the most extraordinarily talented people the world has ever seen,” Braun said in a statement posted on social media. “I constantly pinch myself and ask myself ‘how did I get here?’ And after 23 years, this chapter as a manager has come to an end.”

Braun said he will focus on his role as CEO of HYBE America.
Hybe Corporation is the South Korean company that owns BTS and other K-Pop artists.


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