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Women in power: Maria Elena Bermudez Andrade, the female producer of the Agrupacion Socavon of Colombia. Global Music 100%


The Agrupacion Socavón from the Pacific coast of Colombia is one of the legendary folk music acts of the South American country.

They represent and express the oral traditions of the region such as stories, myths, legends, proverbs, poems, and other oral traditions in their music, and everything is linked and fused to popular beliefs and the forms and rituals of celebrations such as parties, Christmas. , weddings, folk dances and initiation rites.

A woman has been behind the Agrupación Socavón project: María Elena Bermúdez Andrade. This licensed nurse, dancer, businesswoman, health monitor, philanthropist and cultural manager born in Colombia’s largest port on the Pacific Ocean, Buenaventura, has co-produced with Jhon Jairo Vente Renteria the group’s new album titled “Falto Abrazarnos – Deluxe Edition”.
“It’s been hard work over the last year,” she says. “From the beginning we wanted to rewrite history and cause a great impact on a global level with this new album. There are 24 tracks and it is a pride for the Colombian Pacific and its folklore to have been able to successfully conclude the recording of the album that featured the participation of stars such as Willy Garcia, Orquesta La Fuga, Herencia de Timbiqui, Linda Caldas, Betty Kaar and Willys del Arca”.

The album “Falto Abrazarnos – Deluxe Edition” is a work of art of the music of the Pacific of Colombia. It is a complex album that, thanks to Maria Elena and Jhon Jairo, is taking the folklore genre to a higher level.

In general, this global folk music is the music of the cultures of the world.
The term “Global Music” replaced “World Music” which had been adopted in the 1980s to refer to non-English recordings that were released in Britain and the United States. The genre universally includes music from sources as diverse as Colombian Pacific rhythms, Zimbabwean guitar bands, and Pakistani ‘qawwalī’ singers, as well as unconventional Western folk musicians such as Cajun fiddlers and Hawaiian guitarists.

The Agrupacion Socavon is preparing a tour of Europe this year and the album is already, according to critics and purists, a gem for posterity… A gem produced by Maria Elena Bermudez Andrade, mother of four children and accomplished folklorist, pride of her people and her ancient history.


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