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BIME 2024: The Music Fair in Colombia


By Rafael Araujo

Bogotá, Colombia will be filled with live music from May 8 to 11 with the arrival of BIME Live, with the participation of 60 international artists who will perform in six different parts of the city, some of the main voices who will not only arrive with a show, but also with the aim of bringing the industry closer to society.

This space will allow all fans of the music sector to come together in the same event, which already has tickets available to attend both in person and virtually, with a special price for students through the website www.bime.org.

BIME Live will thus offer more than 60 showcases by artists from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

A program with a great diversity of musical styles, such as the tropical Caribbean pop of the band Anakena; the instrumental rock and staging of Austin TV; the fusion of the most avant-garde electronics with the Galician tradition of Baiuca, the unpredictable and original proposal of Barry B; the urban and experiential style of Ben Yart; the tropical fusion of Cali Flow Latino; or the Dominican sound of composer, producer and multi-platinum artist Cromo X.

This poster is also joined by names such as Daymé Arozena, Danny Lux, Diana Burco, Ginebras, Gorka Urbizu, Izaro, La Pardo, Letón Pé, Milena Wharton, Queralt Lahoz and Vera Delacruz.

BIME maintains its commitment to facilitating and multiplying artistic and professional flows between Latin America and Europe, generating opportunities for economic, cultural and relational growth for artists, professionals, companies and audiences linked directly or indirectly to music.

In the case of this 2024 edition, Bogotá will have its doors open for access to the general public, with programming at various venues in the Creative District of Calle 85, EAN University, Sánchez Cervecería, La Patrona, Egua, Mad Radio and 440 Music Hall.

A celebration of music with international reference between Europe and America that is committed to new artistic talents, encouraging collaborations between professionals to open the way for breakout artists to the industry on both continents.


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