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SARODJ releases its new single “Millones”, a hymn to female empowerment


After carrying out a successful promotional tour in Colombia, where she visited several media outlets and presented an impeccable show at the Ethernal Fest, Sarodj presents her new single “Millones”, a song with which the Haitian seeks to remind women that each one has to be valued and loved, with a strong message of female empowerment.

Sarodj has been characterized as an empowered woman who leads and manages her artistic career with determination, becoming one of the strong-sounding female artists who are taking over the urban genre. With Millions she reminds women that they should always have self-worth and respect for themselves.

This new single was produced by the renowned Jay Elite, as is particular in Sarodj with each of his singles, he surprises us with the mixtures of rhythms, in Millones the urban meets Afro-Caribbean rhythms that set global trends and inspire us to dance . , enjoy and celebrate life, but preserving its urban pop style.

The video clip was recorded in the Dominican Republic under the direction of Decilien Jean Lovensky, this time Sarodj shows off a new look with long, curly and red hair, showing us that chameleon-like side that she has accustomed us to with her style changes. . This audiovisual piece reflects a more neutral and simple format, in which the artist shows himself enjoying the beach and himself.

“In Millions, I want to remind women that they must realize their value, and understand that those who do not know how to value it do not deserve it,” Sarodj stated.

In 2020, Sarodj was added to the list of the most powerful women in the world who have a positive impact by USA Today. Furthermore, recently, during her walk on the red carpet at the Soberano Awards, Sarodj sent a message of resilience, power and acceptance through her wardrobe.

Without a doubt, Millones promises to become the new anthem of the summer, and of women.


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