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Michelle Obama is also part of the Beyonce phenomenon


The former First Lady shared a thread of tweets celebrating Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” album, describing her as a “history maker” who has “changed the game once again.”

She also encouraged people to register to vote, quoting a line from the song “Ya Ya”:
“We need to keep the faith”…
‘And VOTE!’ she added.
The phrase linked her to a website that helps people register to vote.

“With ‘Cowboy Carter,’ you’ve changed the game once again by helping to redefine a musical genre and transform our culture. “I’m so proud of you!” Michelle wrote. “Cowboy Carter is a reminder that despite everything we’ve gone through to be heard, seen and recognized, we can still dance, sing and be who we are without apology. This album reminds us that we all have power.”

Obama called on people to use the power of their voices to vote in this year’s election. “There is power in our story, in our joy, and in our votes, and each of us can use our own gifts and talents to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most to us,” she wrote.


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