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Malicia… The new star of the electronic scene in Colombia


By Carlos Passage

Can you be spiritual and sexy at the same time? Being a worker or living excited about the law, airplanes, motorcycles and electronic music.

It seems that for Dj Malicia everything can fit together, adjust, survive and emerge triumphant.

She is a woman of great beauty, with infinite curves, with a hypnotic look and an iron will… But above all, she is a turntable professional.

Malicia, the character, was born from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ but in an absolutely renewed and stalking version.

In the fable, Alice chases a rabbit in a blue coat to a magical land full of wonders and dreams. There she meets her friends who make her realize her true destiny… But Malicia does not want to be convinced of a pink universe. She has her feet firmly on the ground, but she longs to reach the stars, and to prove it, working hard, assimilating trends, immersing herself in her true passion, music, and at the end of each day, After exhausting herself in the gym, she locks herself in her own wonderland, weaving a next step.

Malicia is from Medellín, Colombia and now lives in La Florida. She is a Techhouse, Afrotech and Afrohouse addict. On stage and privately she is a woman of strong character, a rebel with a cause. She feels sexy, but the essential thing, what moves her, is the spirituality that she achieves through discipline.
She has been under the spell of the electronic scene for seven years and now she has released a new single and a spectacular set from that Colombian paradise called La Guajira.

“A Sunset in La Guajira”

Her new hit “HeART 89” is an explosive dance piece that is driven by engines, by the energy of motorcycles. The video was recorded in the United States

Malicia has plans to release an Afrobeat track dedicated to women, to fighters like her. It will be another special moment in her career.

What’s coming for Malicia this year? Work and more work. Unofficially, this publishing house learned that she will be part of the list of the 10 Best DJs in Colombia of the moment, a list that will be published in March by the portal Decibeles, Deep Music and Radio Ibiza. She could be the only female DJ on the list.







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