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World Premiere: “Mi Enfermedad y mi Cura”, Osmar Perez and Luis Albeto Posada.


This is the second collaboration between the two Vallenato and Regional Colombiano Music figures since “No Llores Mas” released almost a decade ago.


Two greats of Colombian music, each outstanding in their genre, come together to bring a very interesting, refreshing and renewed musical proposal. OSMAR PÉREZ, star of Vallenato and LUIS ALBERTO POSADA, the father of the Regional Colombiano genre present “MI ENFERMEDAD Y MI CURA” (“My Illness and my Cure”)

This new single is composed by Iván Calderón and it narrates the pain of a man that he loves even though he knows that it will hurt him and is aware that he is addicted to his love. The song that was recorded and produced at the Mano de Obra Music studios in the city of Medellín, Colombia is a fusion between romantic vallenato, popular music and the new sounds of the Regional Colombiano.

The video was filmed on the outskirts of the city of Pereira, Colombia under the direction of Andrés Films and starring the model Laura Quinceno. In this video the actors are seen in a desert place surrounded by a warm atmosphere where they painfully interpret what how difficult his relationship with this woman has been, in parallel, she is seen walking along the edge of the river while remembering what her life was like with each of them.

“My Enfermedad y mi Cura” is an innovative and renewed commitment with which many can feel identified, since both OSMAR PÉREZ and LUIS ALBERTO POSADA are recognized in their genre for the intensity and passion with which they give life to each of their songs and this is no exception. This new single promises to become the identity card of all those who continue to love those who do them no good.

Officially the collaboration is now available on the main streaming platforms.


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