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Mauro Castillo at the White House


Mauro Castillo is the first Afro-Colombian to be invited and sing at the White House, and will participate in a special event for Afro-Latino leaders as part of the nation’s 2024 Black History Month celebrations on February 22.

Renowned Colombian singer, songwriter, trombonist, actor and producer Mauro Castillo, known for his infectious energy and unmatched musical versatility, begins the year 2024 with a prestigious invitation to participate in the 2024 Black History Month celebration at the White House .

The award-winning star will be part of a special event for Afro-Latino leaders on February 22, which will celebrate the Administration’s achievements and celebrate this year’s Black History Month theme, “African Americans and the Arts.” He will be one of a group of 60 participants that will also include a variety of influencers, artists, community leaders and government officials who will come together to honor this symbolic month, its cultural significance and, above all, the incredible people. who have made invaluable contributions to the Nation.

With this exclusive invitation, Castillo becomes the first Afro-Colombian artist to be welcomed into the legendary home of the American president and, by contributing his exceptional musical talent to the event, he becomes the first Afro-Colombian artist to sing at the House. White. He has been invited to perform songs from his 2023 concept album “Artificial Intelligence”, which explores our interaction with technology and the consequences it has on our minds, the migration to the digital realm and real life.

Castillo will also bring his vision and experience as an Afro-Latino in the arts as a panel speaker on the importance of representation in the arts and the contributions of the Afro-Latino community. The panel will be moderated by the President of the National Endowment for the Arts, Dr. María Rosario Jackson.

A two-time Latin Grammy Award nominee, Castillo has left a profound impact on contemporary culture, presenting a powerful message rooted in positivity and respect, and transcending boundaries in everything he does. He is recognized by many as the unmistakable voice of Félix in the English and Spanish versions of Disney’s Academy Award-winning film “Encanto,” and alongside Lin-Manuel Miranda and the film’s cast, he was recognized in 2023 with a Grammy Award for “Best Song Written for Visual Media” for the now iconic song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”


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