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Latin Music: Tkila from Colombia prepares a tour of the United States promoting his new hit “Vuelve y Juega”


The Colombian group Tkila, after returning with their successful single “En un Parpadeo” plans to stay in the hearts of their fans for a long time. In recent months the band thanks to a powerful promotion and marketing strategy on the main streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, and on the main social networks, including Instagram.

Tkila is considered one of the most influential groups in the city of Cali, Colombia in the first decade of the 21st century and is and is integrated by Luis Miguel Girón Gomez, Rodrigo Andres Girón Gomez, Johan Manuel Gomez Vargas and Jhon Anderson Gomez Vargas.

On July 20, Colombia’s Independence Day, they released their new single “Vuelve y Juega”, songle from their album “Como en Casa”, a project loaded with its Tropipop essence but adjusted to new musical trends such as Corridos Tumbados and Folk. It is a bet and a challenge that the band is taking very seriously in the projection of their music for the new generations of listeners.

“Vuelve y Juega” was produced by Manix Music.

This 2023 Tkila is preparing a promotional and concert tour of the United States whose dates will be announced very soon from its management offices in North America and Colombia.

“Vuelve y Juega” is a song that with a bit of sarcasm and joy teaches us the way to abandon heartbreak, spite, that “Tusa Amorosa” that happens so much in the real life of couples.


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