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From June 7 to 18

Name another event where you can watch a documentary about an Alicia Keys songwriting workshop/camp, and then watch it. Also see the movie about the precipitous fall of Milli Vanilli and then a film about disco queen Gloria Gaynor.

Then add Taylor Mac’s mind-blowing musical “History of Popular Music” to your list, and that’s not counting over 100 other movies and performances over the course of 12 days.

Where is?
The Tribeca Festival 2023.

You’ll be able to enjoy the premiere of dozens of feature films and conversations between Paul McCartney with Conan O’Brien, John Mellencamp with David Letterman, and Chance the Rapper with Billy Porter.

Finally, don’t miss the 40th anniversary celebration. from the pioneering 1983 hip-hop film “Wild Style.”

One of the highlights of the festival will take place on June 17: a Carlos Santana show at the Beacon Theater following the premiere of the documentary “Carlos.”

But there’s more to this year’s Tribecca. Cyndi Lauper will premiere her documentary “Let the Canary Sing” and, Drake with Diddy, they will give the public the documentary of the Moroccan-born rapper French Montana entitled “French Montana For Khadija”.


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