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* CAMILO CIHER, is recognized for singing in Korean, English and Spanish

* His single MAS Y MAS, came out on June 2

* The first of nine singles that contains his first record work.

Born in Cali, Colombia 22 years ago, he is based in the United States; From a very young age, he showed his artistic skills playing the guitar and the piano. He started his career posting covers on Youtube.

The love for music and for his Colombian and South Korean roots led CAMILO CIHER to merge these two cultures, thus making him the first exponent of COLOMBIAN/KOREAN K POP. He is the composer of his songs, and with them he seeks to bring messages of love and positivity to the youth that follow him.

In 2019 he was invited as a jury in “El Hallyu Poket” within the framework of the tenth edition of SOFA (leisure and fantasy fair). And he is also selected that same year by the youtube channel Who Sang it Better to represent the USA with the cover Way Back Home, which obtained more than 4 million views.

CIHER is currently preparing the release of MÁS Y MÁS, a single that brings a proposal in Latin pop and is the first of nine songs that includes his first great recording work. Produced by Colombian Alexander Herrera; The video clip for this single was shot at the Full Sail studios with the same technology, which recorded the Disney+ space adventure series “The Mandalorian”, under the direction of the renowned director of Mongolian origin Tsetsenbileg Dalai. In addition, the artist and his team work in collaboration with great global hip hop and pop stars, with whom he hopes to continue raising the Colombian flag and also continue to be among the ranking of the new promises of urban music in the world.

CAMILO CIHER launched his musical project with the support of the Orlando Florida Heart Roll Entertainment Production Company, with which he is producing his first EP in Spanish with a fusion of Urbano and K pop.

Tu Prisionero, is his first K-Pop single, a genre that due to its music, aesthetics, dances and icons related to this culture have impacted a generation that came together to sing, dance and vibrate to the rhythm of the best of the korean pop. This single was very well received by his followers, and now with the style that identifies him but much more Latin, he will conquer the Latin American audience and later in the rest of the world.

K – POP is the musical genre that has recently become a global phenomenon, it includes various musical styles such as pop, rap, EDM, rock or R&B, and refers specifically to the popular music of South Korea. Thanks to their catchy and addictive melodies and incredible choreography, the “look” and “styling” of the South Korean members. This combination of qualities is what has put K-POP on top of the world and it won’t stop for a long time.


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