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Neither U2, Metallica nor Ed Sheeran could knock country star (and The Voice loser) Morgan Wallen out of first place these last 12 weeks on the US 200 best-selling albums chart, but it finally happened…

And who did it? A 33-year-old singer who also started in Country, today turned into a Pop figure, born in Pennsylvania: Taylor Swift.

Thanks to the release of two new deluxe editions of her 2012 album, “Midnights,” which includes a new color vinyl variant of the original standard album, Taylor Swift was able to dethrone Morgan with 282,000 copies sold compared to 126,000 copies for the original. album “One Thing at Time” by Morgan Wallen.

New deluxe editions come with 10 bonus tracks, collaborations with Lana del Rey and Rap princess Ice Spice, and a never-before-released song, “You’re Losing Me.”


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